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About Us

Specialized Neuro-Therapist

Thrive Neuro Rehab is a private neuro-rehabilitation company out of Southern California. We strive for excellence, specializing in therapy to individuals and their family after physical or neurological injury including: stroke, spinal cord injury, spinal surgery, traumatic brain injury, non traumatic brain injury, fractures, and major multiple trauma.


The highest standard: All therapists on staff are required to have a certification in treating neurological disorders: Neurodevelopmental Treatment in the Management of Stroke and Brain Injury (c/NDT), Neuro-IFRAH, Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS). The brain is a complex organ and we value highly educated staff specializing in this treatment area. Our team consist of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists.


There is a gap in our medical system today that does not address people wishing to return to their lives after a severe injury. Our program at Thrive Therapy Services works to bridge the gap to ensure individuals and their families have full support to reach their life goals after life-altering health events.

We work to ensure that you do not merely recover, but THRIVE in life! 

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